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I can’t wait to start hanging out in a bathing suit for the entirety of summer. I’m just a warm-weather kind of lady. But, as a 38-year-old mom of two, with the battle scars to prove it, sometimes I wonder if my days of strutting around poolside, totally unencumbered by body-shame, are behind me. Of course, that’s a ridiculous thought. I know my body is bangin’, but thanks to years and years of narrow (and frankly, unrealistic) societal body standards and things like filters and Photoshop, it’s hard not to think it.

There are a few things I strive to do to change that. For starters, I try to talk nicely to myself about my body, even the parts I don’t love, like my droopy post-nursing boobs and my belly with just a bit of jiggle. I also exercise daily, and prioritize joyful movement. But by far, the best thing I do for myself when summer rolls around is buy a bathing suit I feel absolutely great in. This year, I have to say, I outdid myself by taking a chance and ordering a suit from TA3, a product so genius and first-of-its-kind, it was featured on Shark Tank.

Ta3 Swim, Lacey — $158.00

Sizes available: XS-3X, regular/long or short

Colors: 7

  • Compressive, but still comfortable
  • Smoothing fabric
  • High-quality and long-lasting
  • Made for all body types
  • Size-inclusive
  • Adjustable straps and removable bust pads (basically feels like it’s tailored to your body)
  • Expensive
  • Only comes in solid colors

My honest review of the TA3 Lacy swimsuit

I’d been seeing these suits with the pull-string waists in my Instagram ads (you probably have, too), and I knew I had to snag one. I excitedly ordered The Lacey, a stunning one-piece with a criss-cross back, but I couldn’t have anticipated just how great this suit would fit. As a person with a much bigger top than bottom, suits are always tough for me. Especially one-pieces. But this one manages to hug my body perfectly, which is perhaps because, with a pull-string waist, you’re basically your own tailor. Synching it up feels like the best magic trick you’ve ever seen. No filters required!

While I’ve struggled to find a killer one-piece since I was a teenager, I’m thrilled to say that I finally have one. It doesn’t just fit my body. It shapes and lifts it, too. While there are a lot of one-pieces out there with cool designs, and maybe a few that will fit me well, I’ve never found one that sculpts my body, too. It’s like I’ve gone back about 10 years (or two kids) in time and I look pretty snatched if I do say so myself. The suit is also incredibly well-made, super supportive, and has a killer cut.

ta3 swimsuit
Photo: Sarah Bregel

And I’m not the only one who’s a major fan of this swimsuit—other reviewers have left glowing reviews about the fit, look, and functionality of the suit. “This suit is beyond expectations. I got the red in small and I’m just saying….be ready to look like a Baywatch babe when you get it! The leg cut is so flattering and the fit is unlike any suit I’ve tried. I am a mom of twins and it gives me the waist of my dreams,” one shopper says.

Another writes, “This is the best swimsuit I have ever purchased. It is a little pricey HOWEVER i have not felt this confident in a swimsuit in a while. It accents all the right parts of my body and the quality is just THERE. You can really feel that it’s made well and built to last.”

While I couldn’t wait for the weather to turn, (because, hello, summer) now I’ve got even more reason to be blissful come those glorious pool days. I’ll be strutting, swimming, and lazying without an ounce of sweat-soaked body-shame in sight. With my Lacey by TA3, I’ve got all the body confidence I’ll need until Labor Day, and more than I ever imagined I’d get from a bathing suit.

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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