Check Out What’s New With Your Dental Care Technique

We all have always believed that our dentists use the age old oral healthcare techniques to resolve any issues related to our mouth. However this is not true and hence today we will discussing about the latest technologies that your dentists use when dealing with any sort of dental problem.

Most of the dental clinics have replaced their age old radiographs and are installing new age digitized X-rays. Digitized X-Rays have been existing for many years in the healthcare industry but has recently grabbed the attention of dentists. They are far more efficient and faster as compared to the radiographs. The working mechanism is quick because your dentist will place an electronic sensor in your mouth to capture the image. This sensor will relay the image to the computer and makes detecting the problem a lot easier. The procedure is faster as compared to what it was earlier.

These digital images are stored by your dental professional and helps in evaluating the progress of a patient. As a matter of fact the radiation dose is also reduced because the phosphor plate and sensor are more sensitive to X-rays than the film. There are multiple uses of digital x-rays apart from just checking out dental cavities. It is now being used for root canal treatment, checking below the teeth and also to check the placement of dental implant.

The other technique which is now being used at most of the dental clinics is the laser technique. This technique is used for tooth cavity detection. There was a time when an instrument called as explorer was used. Dentists used to poke with this instrument and when it used to get stuck in a tooth that’s when the treatment used to begin. However now with the help of a diode laser beam dentists are detecting and deciding the course of action for tooth decay. The only disadvantage of this technique is that it will detect the decay on the chewing surfaces unlike X-rays which detect decay between and inside teeth.

Moving on the next technology we have the CAD/CAM Technology. CAD stands for Computer Aided Design and CAM for Computer Assisted Manufacture. These procedures are really helpful when it comes to treatment such as dental crowns and dental bridges. Earlier when a patient required a crown, the dentist used to make a mold and then used to send this mold to the laboratory. The laboratory used to then create a permanent crown. However with the new technology in place the tooth is drilled. Thereafter it is prepared for crown and a picture of the same is taken. The image is then transferred to the machine and this machine makes dental crown in the clinic itself.

If technology has created a dent in the dental industry then we cannot deny the involvement of new age materials used in dentistry. For example the material used in veneers is really thin yet it gives the strongest support to your teeth. The advantage is that time taken to prepare for veneer is reduced considerably. Moreover your dentist will be scrapping less tooth which means more natural teeth is in place.

With such advancement in technology and use of quality materials, dental care has become easy, quick and much more efficient.

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