Choosing the suitable anterior aesthetic restorative materials

Anterior teeth cosmetic materials

Cosmetic restoration of anterior teeth is a restoration method and method to achieve the purpose of aesthetic teeth, including cold light whitening resin filling, porcelain veneer, all-ceramic teeth, porcelain teeth, and fillings, which are selected according to the patient’s dental conditions and requirements. For the uneven arrangement of the front teeth, lordosis or receding, etc., it is first recommended to correct them through orthodontic methods to achieve cosmetic results and reduce damage to the teeth. For the loss of teeth, caries, trauma and tetracycline teeth and fluorous teeth can be repaired by means of restoration, such as cold light whitening, etc., which cannot be solved by restoration. Or if you have serious dental defects, you can achieve cosmetic results through resin restoration, porcelain dental restoration or porcelain veneer.

Glass ceramic crown or cast porcelain is better

The strength of zirconia must be higher than that of cast porcelain. The permeability of cast porcelain is stronger than that of zirconia.

Compared with glass ceramic teeth, its hardness will be better. The strength of chewing food is similar to that of real teeth, and it is not easy to wear and is more resistant to aging. So it will take longer. Generally, it can be used for more than ten years and can be used for a lifetime if maintained well.

Therefore, the posterior teeth are generally not made of porcelain, and most of the anterior teeth are made of porcelain. For the restoration of the anterior teeth, aesthetics is the first.

Reference professional dental restoration materials:

  • Lithium disilicate block

  • Zirconia block

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