Dental chair in dentistry treatment

The dental chair is used for the examination and treatment of oral surgery and oral diseases. Electric dental chairs are mostly used, and its main structure is divided into 8 parts.

The bottom plate of the whole machine is fixed on the ground, and the bottom plate is connected to the upper part of the dental chair through a bracket. The action of the dental chair is controlled by the chair on the back. The working principle of the control switch is as follows: the control switch starts the motor to run and drives the transmission mechanism to work, so that the corresponding parts of the dental chair move. According to the needs of treatment, by manipulating the control switch button, the dental chair can complete actions such as ascending, descending, pitching, supine position and reset.

  1. Modern dental chairs: Dental chairs in the traditional sense generally refer to simple dental treatment machines with a price of less than 10,000 yuan. It is more common in towns and individual clinics with limited conditions. More old-fashioned chairs generally do not have doctor and assistant seats, and some even do not have spittoons or saliva suction devices, becoming a veritable “dental chair”. Although these chairs are relatively simple, they can meet the needs of general dental treatment. In the vast rural and urban communities of our country, there is still a considerable market for this kind of dental chair in individual dental clinics. According to the survey, it accounted for 80% of the total sales in 1999. Although this survey has declined, it still accounts for about 72% of the total demand. The “people-oriented” dental chair design is a design concept that has emerged in recent years. It is mainly designed for convenience, comfort, safety and hygiene.

In terms of convenience, comfort and safety: medium and high-end chairs generally have a variety of personalized operating procedures, which can be set up in different treatment positions (upper and lower palate teeth and rescue positions) based on the physician’s individual habits, and can be programmed for storage. . The control part of the chair has risen from the initial mechanical and electric control to the advanced control stage such as air valve control and solenoid valve control; medium and high-end chairs with a price of more than 70,000 yuan are usually equipped with a fully automatic console and seat adjustment. It can be adjusted through the comprehensive movement of the backrest and knee joints, as well as raising, lowering, and tilting. Make the patient’s position more suitable for treatment; and is equipped with a non-slip doctor chair and a multi-functional foot control device, the doctor can use the foot control according to the needs during the treatment process, and realize the switch action of water and air gun without stopping the operation of the equipment . The mid-to-high-end treatment table is also equipped with a variety of turning cold light lamps, and a powerful low-frequency vacuum negative pressure pump, which can separate gas and liquid, with large suction and low noise. The AM6010 model specially designed for children by Shanghai Shengli Dental and Medical Equipment Factory in China, the minimum height of the fully computerized electric chair is only 43cm, which provides convenience for the treatment of small patients.

In terms of hygiene and environmental protection: According to epidemiological data, there is a serious problem of cross-infection in oral diagnosis and treatment in my country. The hepatitis B infection rate of dentists is 3-6 times that of the general population, the HBV positive rate of dentists is 25.8%, and the total positive rate of HBV contamination of dental hand pieces is 62%. Therefore, preventing cross-contamination of dental equipment is an important factor to consider in the design of dental chairs. The mobile phone is the most basic and important configuration in the dental chair equipment. The high-speed imported turbine mobile phone brands used in China include NSK, DN, Bien Air and W&H, etc., the speed can reach, 350000r/min (0.25Mpa), and generally can withstand high temperature and high pressure sterilization at conventional 120℃ and rapid 135℃. There are two ways of bur loading and unloading: wrench needle change and button needle change; the interface is divided into international standard two-hole and four-hole type. Low-speed mobile phones are generally divided into two types: straight and elbow, and they rotate at a constant speed of 1:1 with the air motor. When the mobile phone stops rotating, due to inertia, a backflow of air will be generated, causing chips and contaminants to be inhaled into the mobile phone, which is an important way of cross-infection in oral medicine. Therefore, the anti-return suction mobile phone device has become an important configuration of high-end products. The anti-return suction mobile phone in the high-end chair mainly adopts the patented technology of Japan and Germany. The mid-to-high-end products are equipped with replaceable automatic sanitation systems for discrete water supply, disinfection and regular flushing. Sometimes dentist needs a special treatment unit for mobile dental treatment, as patient can not go to dental office due to some reasons, then the mobile portable dental unit is a very necessary equipment, it contains the mobile dental hand piece powered by electricity, instead of traditional air driven, and dentist have options of adjustable RPM rotation for better dentistry treatment.

mobile dental unit


The dental comprehensive treatment chair is necessary medical equipment for dentists. Since the world’s first electric dental drill came out in 1887, the performance and intelligence of the dental treatment machine have been greatly improved. In recent years, the application of numerous new technologies has made dental equipment more humanized. Dental comprehensive treatment machine, divided into pneumatic and electric.

Air, water and electricity are the three essential elements of the dental comprehensive treatment chair, so the air and water pipelines must be laid out before installation (preferably from underground). It is best to install the primary water filter in the waterway. So as not to affect the life of the water filter element in the machine, the air pump should not be too close to the treatment chair, so as not to affect the patient’s treatment due to the noise during pumping. If there are many equipments, it is recommended to adopt central gas supply, which can not only save costs, reduce failures, but also ensure the quality of gas supply.

Usually, the equipment purchased is installed and debugged by the manufacturer, but it is better to have a doctor present during the installation process, so that the problems that arise in the future work can be solved as much as possible.

The comprehensive dental treatment chair has a conjoined type and a split type. Among them, there are two types of patient seats: electric and manual control. The electric power part has three types: screw drive type, electro-hydraulic type and belt drive type. The manual control mainly uses the foot pedal to control the seat position with oil pressure. The treatment machine is mainly composed of high-speed hand piece, low-speed hand piece (pneumatic or motor type), three-purpose spray gun, saliva suction device, automatic water dispenser, appliance tray, shadowless lamp, X-ray viewing lamp, dental scaler, light curing machine (usually Optional), phlegm basin and gas, water and electric control parts. Among them, the principle of action is mostly to control water and electricity work with gas, and to treat oral diseases such as tooth extraction, inlay, repair and cleaning.


Because the dental comprehensive treatment chair is a necessary equipment for stomatologists to treat patients, the utilization rate is high. It is also an equipment that integrates gas, water and electricity. Routine maintenance is directly related to the service life of the equipment and the integrity rate of the equipment, so the daily maintenance work is particularly important.

  1. The first is the maintenance of the mobile phone, which is a key component of the dental comprehensive treatment chair. In order to avoid cross-infection between patients, the mobile phone must be sterilized at high temperature and high pressure. In order to prolong the service life of the mobile phone, special care should be taken. Pay attention to daily maintenance.
    Before the first use, 1-2 drops of high-speed lubricating oil should be dripped into the shaft with an injection needle. Under normal circumstances, the front of the car should be cleaned with cleaning lubricant once a day, and the miniature bearing should be cleaned once every 2 weeks of work. The normal working pressure of 0.2~0.25Mpa should be maintained; when there is no water, the mobile phone cannot be idling, otherwise the bearing will be damaged. When the needle is blunt, replace it with a new needle in time, otherwise it will also affect the life of the bearing.
  2. The maintenance of the treatment machine is mainly about the maintenance of the air and water. After get off work every day, the gas, water and electricity should be turned off. It is especially worth mentioning that after turning off the gas, a three-purpose spray gun should be used to release the gas in the lumen to avoid The pipeline is in a high pressure state for a long time, and it is easy to age and rupture. Regularly clean the water filter according to the quality of the local water quality, and regularly drain the accumulated water in the pressure reducing valve of the air filter: clean the powerful suction device and the saliva suction device in time, take clean water frequently, and clean the pipeline. It is also important to pay special attention to the water pressure and air pressure, which must be within the specified range to avoid bursting of the filter and pipeline: the operating lamp and the viewing lamp should not be switched on and off frequently, which will shorten the life of the bulb.
  3. For the maintenance of the patient chair, all transmission parts should be checked regularly, and the position of the mechanical transmission should be lubricated regularly. Dental chair electro-hydraulic transmission should regularly check the oil quantity and oil quality in the oil tank, and replenish and replace it in time when the oil quantity is insufficient or the oil quality is not good. The belt drive should pay attention to adjusting the tightness of the belt.

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