Getting Regular Dental Care Can Reduce Your Risk of Serious Health Problems

Child in the dental chair dental treatment during surgery.

When you think about the benefits of keeping up with dental visits, your first thoughts probably revolve around oral health. It’s true that regular checkups and cleanings can help keep your teeth and gums healthy, but those aren’t the only health-related reasons to keep up with your dentist Wheelers Hill.

Overall Health

If you want to keep up with your overall health, make sure you don’t skip out on your dental checkups. During a routine cleaning, the dentist will look for other signs of issues, such as cancer. If they notice anything out of the ordinary, they can refer you to a specialist for further testing.


Over time, diabetes can cause serious dental issues if it’s not properly managed. If you have diabetes, it’s important to visit the Children’s dentist Wheelers Hill often so that any issues are caught early on.

Heart Disease

You may not realize it, but there is a link between gum disease and heart disease. When bacteria build up in your mouth, they can enter the bloodstream and travel to the heart. The bacteria causes inflammation that damages the blood vessels and arteries over time, leading to heart disease. Keep your gums healthy with routine cleanings.


An infection of the inner lining of your heart (endocardium) or heart valves, endocarditis usually occurs when bacteria or other germs travel through your bloodstream and attach themselves to weakened areas of your heart that have been damaged by other factors, such as a prior heart attack or surgery. People who are more at risk include people with artificial heart valves, previous endocarditis, or damaged heart valves due to disease.

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