Know why dentists choose fiber optic handpieces

You cannot deny that the very first touch of innovation comes in the field of medical science. This is because no matter what, the health of common people can be the face of inadequacy. Be it about the surgery or the medicine making, the need to be savvy about innovation is a must. There is an undeniable ease in employing technology, the reason dentists nowadays choose a fiber optic handpiece for dental procedures. 

An idea of fiber optic handpiece 

You must be looking for a plausible cause to step into the realm of smart dentistry service with a hand-help fiber optic tool. Thus, you will need to have a clear idea before you finally use it on your patient. A Fiber optic handpiece is a device that comes with a superspeed coupling for sheer precision

surgical handpiece and clinical micromotor
Endo handpiece with fiber optic illumination, powered by an electric motor

Handpieces use a light-carrying optical fiber bundle to pass light from a light source to the treatment area. This technology allows dental professionals to perform treatments faster and more efficiently while also reducing the risk of infection.

Handpieces provide a much brighter light than traditional dental tools, which is especially helpful for identifying subtle details in the mouth. This brighter light makes it easier for the dentist to diagnose and treat dental issues. Additionally, fiber optic handpieces generate less heat, and vibration than traditional dental tools, making them safer for the patient, hence it is possible to deliver precision. 

Why fiber optic 

People are usually apprehensive about dental procedures. This is basically about the fear that people mostly feel about hygiene. Well, in the case of fiber optic, you must know it’s a self-cleaning tool, also the full steel metal body is completely sterilizable. Apart from that, handpieces are used for dental procedures to remove the decayed tooth and the damaged portion. These are being done with extreme precision, which is highly required in the field of dental procedures. 

You must know that ordinary dental drills will only provide the drilling part, but the precision was a questionable matter. With an all-new fiber optic dental handpiece, it is possible to attain perfection in just no time. 

Types of handpieces 

Now that you have a fair idea about the handpieces in the field of dentistry. You will need to know about the types of it. These are the kind that is designed to attain and deliver different dental procedures. These are the tools that are essential to performing various kinds of surgeries. However, you will need to know about the various types of it. A few are 

· Electronic handpiece system

· Highspeed handpiece 

· Prophy handpieces 

· Surgical handpieces. 

These are the few kinds that you will need to know which will deliver you with utter precession. 

A few benefits 

There are a few benefits that are quite something which dentist all across the world chooses these handpieces. Apart from the sheer precision, you will get a certain feature that is quite handy.

  • High-speed handpieces air turbine system
quick coupling fiber optic handpiece specification
air turbine handpiece, 6 holes quick coupling with fiber optic

The high-speed turbine of the handpiece is so fast that it hardly gives a vibration; hence it is possible to do dental procedures with fine accuracy. The quick-coupling handpiece high-Speed air turbine with fiber optic and 6 holes is an excellent dental tool for professionals in the field. It is designed to provide superior performance and precision, allowing for faster and easier treatment. The handpiece is lightweight and ergonomic, providing comfortable use for long periods. 

The 6 holes allow for maximum suction and less risk of debris entering the handpiece, while the fiber optic ensures a brighter view of the treatment area. The turbine is capable of reaching up to 300,000 revolutions per minute (rpm), providing rapid and efficient results. Additionally, the quick coupling system allows for quick and easy switching between different bur heads. This type of dental handpiece is suitable for a wide range of treatments, from fillings to root canals. It is also perfect for polishing and finishing work.

  • Electric system handpiece
  1. Professional endodontics application

The 16:1 speed reduction contra-angle handpiece is a dental instrument designed specifically for endodontic procedures. It is equipped with a fiber-optic system to enhance the illumination of the area being worked on. The contra-angle, or right-angled instrument, provides the clinician with improved access and visibility to the area of interest, allowing for a much more precise and comfortable procedure. 

The handpiece also reduces the speed of the instrument by 16 times, providing a more controlled and less traumatic treatment. The fiber-optic lighting improves visibility even further, allowing the doctor to see the area of interest and make precise movements. 

The 16:1 speed reduction contra-angle handpiece is an important tool in endodontic procedures and provides the doctor with improved access, visibility, and control.

2. General dentistry application

electric contra-angle handpiece
increasing speed contra-angled handpiece, 1:5 driven ratio speed

The 1:5 dental handpiece is an incredibly powerful and versatile tool that can be used to perform a wide range of dental procedures. 

It is designed for both high-speed and low-speed operations. This handpiece is often used for surgical procedures such as crown preparations, root canals, and implants.

The fiber optic inner water spray feature helps to keep the handpiece cool during high-speed operations. This feature provides bright illumination, allowing the user to spot issues more easily and make corrections in a timely manner. Adding water also helps to keep the handpiece from overheating and damaging the patient’s gums.

The speed of the 1:5 dental handpiece can be adjusted to provide the user with maximum control over the procedure. This makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of dental procedures. The speed can be increased to five times the speed of the slow speed setting, which can make the procedure much faster.

electric high-speed handpiece
red ring increasing speed 1:5 handpiece with electric motor
electric handpiece system speed range reference

The final say

You will likely have a fair idea about the technology you can use to do dental surgery. But it is best to know the proper way to use it before you professionally opt for it. 

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