Orthodontic Supplies Online By Dental Lab Shop

Dental Lab Shop is a consulting company for the sector of dental laboratories and clinics, supplying all kinds of materials and instruments, orthodontic supplies online series are included. Through the distribution of its products worldwide and continuous advice, the Dental Laboratory guides dentists and dental technicians towards excellence in the field of dentistry in general.


Orthodontics is an outstanding branch within dentistry that has been developing since the eighth century before Christ, as demonstrated by certain findings found in archaeological sites of Ancient Greece, the correction of dental pieces, a problem that if not treated can sometimes cause malocclusion or complications in the maxillofacial area.

Orthodontics consists of trying to correct and correctly relocate the dental pieces. The orthodontist, who is a dentist specializing in orthodontics, is in charge of applying a series of brackets on the teeth to keep them aligned and correct their position.


There are different types of orthodontic supplies, but those that make braces are the most common types. Orthodontic braces are used to align teeth by gradually moving them into position with the help of dental cement, orthodontic bands, and wires.

The brackets are the pieces that are fixed to the teeth. They are nested with the wire arches to form a structure that covers the entire dental area of both the upper and lower arches.

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