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Sensitive Teeth: If your teeth notice discomfort or pain during hot or cold items like ice cream tea, coffee, and so on. This could be due to tooth sensitivity. If one is suffering from tooth sensitivities or hypersensitivity the dentin teeth are vulnerable to cold or hot temperatures. Patients with sensitive teeth feel extreme pain when they consume hot or cold foods, which goes away. Studies have also revealed that between 10-30 percent of the population suffers from tooth sensitiveness.

The discomfort one feels as a result of sensitivity may be short-term or long-lasting. The dentist will identify the causes of sensitive teeth following an examination of your mouth health. The dentist will then suggest the best, most sensitive tooth treatment after getting to know the causes of your teeth being sensitive. This article will help you comprehend the different causes of sensitive teeth as well as the symptoms and treatments. It is recommended that you didn’t restrict yourself or guilt yourself about indulgence in your favorite foods because of your sensitive teeth.


Certain actions like drinking hot or cold could result in sharp pain or a sensation in your teeth if you are suffering from tooth sensitivity. The condition can manifest at any age from infants to adults. The primary cause of sensitivity is the erosion of tooth enamel as well as exposure to the root of the tooth. Pain and discomfort that is sharp are the first signs of the trauma that a tooth with sensitivity can bring about.

Additionally, one shouldn’t assume the sensitivity of teeth will diminish or disappear by itself. It is recommended that you visit your dentist if you notice sensitivities and check your oral health as it could lead to numerous other issues. Finding a reputable, safe dentist clinic that is patient-centered will resolve the issues with your sensitive teeth for good. Let’s now find out about the root causes of sensitive teeth and symptoms as well as the treatment.

Sensitivity to teeth can cause problems.

The main cause of sensitive teeth is the way of life one lives and poor dental hygiene. Certain people feel sensitivity due to less brittle enamel. Below are the causes of sensitive teeth to enable you to access your teeth more easily.

  • Some people feel tooth sensitivity if they use a toothbrush that is hard or places too much stress on the teeth when brushing.
  • When you get your teeth clenched when you sleep, this could represent one of the reasons for the hypersensitivity of dentin.
  • It could also be due to eating a variety of acidic food items and drinks.
  • It could also be because of gastroesophageal reflux, as stomach acid could be transferred to the mouth and cause loss of enamel on the teeth.
  • Sometimes poor oral hygiene dental hygiene, a chipped or cracked tooth, broken tooth, and chipped tooth may be the cause of tooth sensitivity.
  • Recessing gums leaves teeth exposed and can cause sensitivities.
  • The reason for your sensitivity could be an exact period of time due to dental procedures such as fillings or crowns, The sensitivity that occurs in one particular spot will diminish in a couple of days.


If the teeth are exposed to different temperatures, such as hot and cold the teeth can cause sharp discomfort or pain. There could also be other medical conditions or diseases that cause sensitization that affects other body organs. Some of the symptoms that are associated with sensitivity include the smell of bad breath receding gums as well as redness and swelling of the gums.

Other symptoms you may notice are connected to body areas. There are instances of heartburn or jaw pain, indigestion discomfort in the sinuses, difficulty opening their mouths, and more. Also, it is possible to have the chance of additional severe symptoms which indicate that there is a serious health issue. Thus, it’s best to visit a dentist when the sensitivity is lower and to take preventive measures in a timely. Making an appointment with a Lowell family dental aid in protecting yourself from serious health issues later on.


If the sensitivity isn’t excessive, you should begin paying attention to your oral hygiene. Brush lightly and start using a gentle toothbrush and toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth. Opt for a mouthwash that is alcohol-free. Even after these changes and ensuring regular dental hygiene routines, if the sensitivity persists, it’s time to see your dentist. Your dentist will examine for any issues like missing fillings, cavities, and receding gums which could be the cause of sensitivity.

After looking into your situation The dentist will suggest the best treatment. The dentist might recommend a gum graft in the event that you suffer from the most frequent condition, such as gum recession. This procedure is meant to protect the tooth’s root. The dentist will also suggest wearing a mouthguard in case you experience teeth grinding issues when you rest.


If you’re having tooth sensitivity issues or someone else at your home, make sure and make an appointment with a dental professional at an established dental clinic. If you can treat the issue promptly it can save you from further complications and discomfort. But, delaying the quality of treatment can further aggravate your problem. So, contact Lowell family dental which utilizes the most modern technology and equipment, adheres to the correct sterilization procedure, and uses security equipment.

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