Wet, Dry, And Wet & Dry Two-In-One August 2023

Digital dentistry is the call of the hour. It has ushered a new era with glorious achievements and can produce high-quality dental restorations. A CAD/CAM dental milling machine is the most vital element of digital dentistry advancements. It lets dental practices create a wide variety of dental restorations from different materials like glass ceramic, titanium, PMMA, Peek, Zirconia, etc. The dental milling machine price varies with their type and can go up to $50,000 and beyond. Here are the three types of the best 5-axis dental milling machines.

1. Wet/Dry CAD CAM Machine for Dentistry

wet/dry cad cam dental machine all in one

The dental CAD/CAM machine provides all types of wet and dry milling options and delivers premium quality dental restorations with exceptional precision and efficiency. One can use this for milling glass ceramics, E-Max, Chrom Cobalt, Peek, PMMA, Titanium, Zirconia, and Wax. Dental practices can use this dental milling machine for creating bridges, crowns/coping, abutment/abutment bridge, inlay/onlay, implant bar, removable partial denture, and full dentures.

wet and dry dental milling material options

The dental milling machine is built to perform. It comes with a spindle power of 2500W or 4000W and has a spindle speed of 3000-60000 rpm/min to deliver outstanding performances.  The machine works on water-cooled spindle cooling.

The A/B axis motor of the machine has a high-precision slope gear reducer and is rated at 100W. It also comes with a 400W servo motor for the X/Y/Z axis motor. The A-axis rotation range is ±360° and the B-axis rotation range is ±25°. The milling machine can handle a large variety of milling jobs.

The milling machine features a 5-axis milling system with a touch screen. It offers flexible milling with exceptional accuracy that helps to create intricate dental restorations easily. Loaded with an automated tool changer, the milling machine offers seamless integration of multiple tools and materials. Thus, saves time and boosts productivity.

2. Chairside Dental Milling Machine

The 5-axis dental milling machine boasts a CAD/CAM dry milling system for various dental blocks. It has a compact structure and suits dental practices.  The machine also offers fast and accurate milling and can do milling restoration without needing additional compressed air. Coming with an open architecture, the milling machine can be used with an existing CAD/CAM scanner.

chairside dental milling machine process various of dental cad cam material
dental office chairside dry dental milling unit 5-axis

The chairside milling dental machine features a rigid rectangle shape with an overall size of 443 x 391 x475mm. The user-friendly touch screen of the machine makes it easy to use with a single touch. One can work on zirconia, PMMA, peek, and wax, blocks. The machine can accommodate 45 mm long milling tools with 4mm shaft diameter, and size: 0.6 mm, 1.0mm, and 2.0mm.

It supports international ISO standard G code and is compatible with Delcam Dental, HyperDent, GO2dental, Sun3d millbox, WorkNC dental, etc.

3. 5-Axis Dental Milling Machine

This dental milling machine is an economical and high-precision CAD/CAM machine with a 5-axis dry milling process. It supports working with many restoration materials including Peek, PMMA, zirconia, and wax with exceptional accuracy.

best dental milling machine-Dental Laboratorio

The milling machine boasts a smart CAD/CAM system with an intelligent touch screen. Dental practices can use this for different types of complex dental restorations like bridges, crowns, frames, splints, etc. It also has a premium spindle, imported core, and automatic tool change making it extremely efficient. The milling machine is compact measuring 620 mm x 500 mm x 650 mm.

The machine also boasts a comprehensive protection system that gives alerts on low air pressure, unsuccessful knife return, bur breaking, wrong burs, etc. It further supports the international ISO standard G code. Intelligent processing is another great feature of the milling machine. It can automatically detect the milling material and adjust the milling process accordingly to deliver optimal results.

The milling machine can be connected to a dust collector. It ensures optimal air quality in the dental lab. When integrated with the milling machine it works based on the signals received. It traps dust particles and helps to keep the milling machine clean and efficient.

Dental Laboratorio offers different types of dental milling machines and supplies. Visit their website for detailed information.

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