What Are The Different Types Of Electric Handpieces?

Nowadays, the dental industry is moving towards convenient, cost-effective, and efficient dental treatment offered to the patient. In that, the handpiece plays an important role that serves a variety of purposes during the treatment. It not only saves the time of the dentist but also saves the time of the patient.

Handpiece, when compared to the traditional handpiece, the electric handpiece offers more benefits, and also it comes at a different speed. So, here is the complete guide you need to consider before you go buy the electric handpiece.

Is an electric handpiece really beneficial in dentistry?

The handpiece is the primary source of instruments in the dental field, and it is a high-speed tool that is mainly used to drill, clean, or treat tooth decay. It is definitely a useful instrument in your dental lab and clinic, and it comes in two different types. The air-driven handpiece and the electric handpiece, and of them are used in the dental field.

The air-driven handpiece is used for decades, and this is easy to maintain the product. Even though most people are moving towards electric handpiece dentistry, still the air-driven handpiece is considered the cost-effective option. The air-driven handpiece is built of micro-motors that can rotate at the speed of 400,000 RPM and it can be used for low and high-speed procedures.

The air-driven handpiece is the lighter equipment, and it has superior cutting precision as it has a stronger torque. But still, the reason behind people moving towards the electric handpiece is that the air-driven handpiece results in overheating, and the loud noise will be produced by the motor.   

handpiece set-straight, contra angle, E-motor
Figure Air-driven Dental Turbin Set:https://www.dentallabshop.com/product/handpiece-set/

The electric handpiece has more benefits than the traditional handpiece, as it can reach up to 200,000 RPM and may be slightly slower than the conventional handpiece. But the electric motor dental in the electric handpiece provides a consistent torque that does not decrease with the increased resistance.

LED Brushless dental micro motor for dentist
Figure electric motor dental product:https://www.dentallabshop.com/product/portable-brushless-micromotor-dentist/
electric motor dental options speed adjustability

It offers a fixed speed which results in a smoother and faster cutting experience, and even patients also prefer the electric handpiece, as it is much quieter and provides less vibration in the teeth. When compared to the air-driven handpiece, the electric handpiece price is high, which is the only drawback.

The electric motor dental handpiece comes in two types;

  • Low-speed dental handpiece

The low-speed dental handpiece is usually used in the procedures like removal of cavities or preparing the tooth for new crowns or fillings. In comparison with the high-speed dental handpiece, the low-speed dental handpiece lasts longer. As the low-speed dental handpiece uses less power, and it is mostly used for orthodontic or restorative work. Even they can be also used for endodontic or implant surgeries.

  • High-speed dental handpiece

The electric high-speed handpiece is mostly recommended for precision and restorative treatment. Even though it has more advantages than a low-speed handpiece, it will come in a shorter time. One of the best features of a high-speed dental handpiece is that it is equipped with an effective water cooling system, as it gets heated up quickly. Certain types of high-speed dental handpieces are efficient for greater precision in cutting.     

Best electric dental handpieces for sale:

If you are planning for the best online store to get varieties of electric handpieces, then Dental Lab Shop is the recommended place. Here are a few electric handpieces recommended by the Dental Lab Shop;

  • 450 Contra-angle handpiece

450 contra-angle handpiece combines the benefits of the surgical straight and contra-angle handpiece, and it gives a better vision of the treatment. This is very suitable for patients having smaller mouths, as access to the molars is greatly facilitated. The instrument can be able to work at high speed, and it comes with a professional cooling system. Also, the instrument has a tiny attachment head that covers all the elements of the thermal effects and unobstructed work.

45° contra-angle handpiece parameter
Figure contra-angle electric handpiece ratio 1:4.2 increasing speed:https://www.dentallabshop.com/product/45-contra-angle-handpiece/
  • Ratio 1:5 Increasing Speed Handpiece

This is a fiber optic contra-angle dental handpiece and it has been created with a smaller head so that it offers complete flexibility of movement during the restoration and implant surgeries. The dental handpiece has a monobloc design which will allow easier cleaning, quieter during the operation, and offers a high degree of manageability.

The anti-wear ceramic ball in this handpiece will bear a longer life, and it is lower than the average acoustic emission. In your dental office, this increasing-speed dental handpiece will play an essential function in inpatient treatments.

electric handpiece increasing speed
Figure Increasing speed ratio 1:5 electric handpiece:https://www.dentallabshop.com/product/increasing-speed-handpiece/
  • Speed 16:1 Endodontic Handpiece

This 16:1 endodontic handpiece drives at a speed rate of 20-1,800rpm and it operates through the electric handpiece micromotor. The mini head and the ratios 16:1 of the handpiece help to work with the endo files, and it will rotate 3600 efficiently. Also, this handpiece has fiber optic light which will increase the visibility version of the restoration treatment.

Other features of the handpiece are the push button check which is easy to replace the burs; the clean head system comes with an anti-refraction mechanism that will block the blood and foreign particles entering the handpiece.

Fiber optic led light endodontic handpiece
Figure speed reduction ratio 16:1 electric endo handpiece: https://www.dentallabshop.com/product/endodontic-handpiece/
  • 20:1 Reduction Contra Angle Handpiece 

This reduction handpiece is mainly used by dentists and dental hygienists to perform a special type of dental procedure. This reduction contra-angle handpiece is specially built with high-quality materials and well-developed technology. Using a reliable amount of air and water pressure, this handpiece can revolve around 2,0000rpm.

The smooth cooling operation will prevent the handpiece from getting heated, the high-quality bearing will deliver smooth operations, and it won’t give much noise. It is comfortable to handle and easy to clean as it comes with a smooth push-button chuck system. If you want to perform dental procedures without stress, then this will help you to do that.

LED Light contra angle handpiece for dental implant application
reduction speed 20:1 surgical handpiece electric:https://www.dentallabshop.com/product/led-contra-angle-handpiece/

Bottom Line:

The handpiece is the most frequently used instrument in dentistry, and in that most dentistry prefers the electric handpiece. We have recommended a few products for electric handpieces which you can consider for your dental clinic.

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