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What are the reasons for the failure of dental implants

At present, the technology of implantation is very mature, and the long-term survival rate of implants is also very high, but it cannot be ruled out that individual patients will fail. There are mainly the following reasons:

  1. From the doctor’s point of view, it may be that the doctor’s indications are not strictly controlled;
  2. From the patient’s point of view, it is possible that the patient’s periodontal condition is not very good, and there is no regular maintenance, including the regular return to the hospital for review, and if the patient has a systemic disease, such as diabetes, the blood sugar is not controlled. Very good, in this case, the failure rate of implants will be higher, and some patients will have nocturnal bruxism. In this case, the damage to the implants is also very large.

Signs of dental implant failure

Clinically, after a dental implant is planted, good osseointegration can be formed in about three months, so the dental implant is successful. If about three months after the implant is placed, it is found that the implant has obvious red and swollen gums, or even a periodontal pocket is formed, hard pus or the exposure of the implant can be seen. In this case, the implant is mostly a failure. is a sign of failure.

If the periapical film is taken, it may be seen that the implant and the surrounding alveolar bone do not form perfect osseointegration, but have a relatively obvious shadow. In this case, the implant is mostly a failure, and it is also a failure. sign. Therefore, not all dental implants are successful, and patients are required to do serious oral hygiene cleaning after surgery, in order to better make dental implants successful.

Implant prosthesis treatment needs dentists, patients, and dental laboratory experts working in cooperation to complete the restoration task. Besides the patient oral health, the dentist’s technique, and the laboratory technician who produces the crown denture are also important. One of the most used dental laboratory equipment is the denture making equipment: Dental Lab Denture Injection System.

denture making machine

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