What Is Lithium Disilicate Veneer? July 2022


In the dentist industry, the filling or crown or whatever dental practices you choose, the dentist will refer to only a few materials such as metal or gold materials. But now the technology has developed so much, as the dentist practices different types of materials to make several dental products.

Among all the materials, the ceramic material called Lithium Disilicate has been used the most. Lithium Disilicate is one of the most common glass-ceramic materials used for the fillings and crowns. Lithium Disilicate is mainly noted for its strength, versatility, and translucency.

Lithium Disilicate in dentist industry:

Veneer restoration has been widely used in the dentist industry as it has become the conservative and esthetic treatment option in dental labs. When compared to the other materials, the lithium disilicate has better properties. So, most dentist labs will use lithium disilicate to process the veneers in the dental labs.   

Even though different kinds of materials have been used depending on the patient’s needs, lithium disilicate is the most famous material in dental labs. Now, you know how much scope the lithium disilicate has in the dental lab.

Along with this, you know what attracts the dentist industry a lot about the lithium disilicate its versatility, proven physical properties, ease of fabrication, and high strength. Most dentists love to get predictable results for the patients and using this lithium disilicate, getting the predictable result is possible.  

Based on the patient’s needs and characteristics, the lithium disilicate can be used in a variety of indications. So, the lithium disilicate not only has scope among the dentist but even among the patients and laboratory technicians.

How to use the lithium disilicate?

Are you excited to know how a lithium disilicate veneer is made? It is a simple process, as the wax will be injected into the margin dies, the margin will be sealed, and the form will develop in the wax. Then it will be burned out and pressed and the further process of restoration will take place.

After the restoration and polishing process, the lithium disilicate veneer will undergo some testing process. Once all the restoration process has been completed, now the lithium disilicate will undergo a curing process.

That’s all whatever restoration has been expected by the patients is now on the way to the patient’s mouth to give them an enhancing smile.  


If you still ask why we need to use the lithium disilicate material in the dental laboratory, then look at the benefits of the lithium disilicate;

  • The first benefit is the most important and even we can say people are more concerned which is the color. As the color of the lithium disilicate will match the natural color of your tooth
  • When compared to the other materials, lithium disilicate has high translucent so you can recommend this product as it will enhance the patient’s smile
  • The processing of lithium silicate is a quick process, which is one of the best benefits to make your client’s happy
  • Even though the product is new to the market but still it offers high strength and resistance, and if you are more concerned about the clients then consider this product as it offers a long life period
  • It has been observed that lithium disilicate shows a low level of mechanic failures so it will give effective results

All these benefits of lithium disilicate say that if you are choosing this material for fillings and crowns, then the patients will have fewer appointments and also it will be convenient for them.

Few Veneer products to consider:

There are lots of companies that are selling dental products but only a few companies will sell different types of dental products from different categories in the same place. In that list, we have Dental Laboratorio, a professional dental store that supplies all kinds of dental products online store.

You know what the best part about Dental Laboratorio is; they offer dental products that come with higher durability, flexibility, and also offer user-friendly products. Here are the best selling products which have been chosen from the Dental Laboratorio;

If you are looking for a multi-layer veneer for your dental lab then consider this zirconia multi-layer veneer. It will offer 49% of translucency and also the multi-layers will provide the aesthetic restoration. This is mainly used in the CAD-CAM milling system and when it comes to the multi-layers it will offer up to 6 layers.

anterior dental zirconia veneer feature

The strength of this veneer is 700MPA and you will get it in 6 different colors. If you are looking for veneers then you can consider this product in your dental list.  

ivoclar bleach shade guide for zirconia veneer

In recent times, most dental industries started to use ceramic materials to processing their dental products. In that list, we have this glass-ceramic material and it is widely used in the CAD-CAM milling system. The block will be in light purple and it will get slightly crystallized while processing.

The best part to consider about this di-silicate lithium veneer is even if you crystallize it won’t get shrink. Don’t worry about the grinding process, as the hardness of the material is low so it can be ground in the equipment easily.

There are wide dental industries that will use this di-silicate veneer block as it will reduce the operating time and increase the life of the burs.  

emax dental sirona cerec block

This dental PMMA veneer is known as the cosmetic smile enhancer and is used as an anterior veneer. If you are considering this veneer in your dental list then get to know about the properties such as low moisture content, fatigue resistance, low thermal conductivity, and reduce processing time.

white veneer dental pmma disc

Diamond-coated dental milling burs are compatible with Sirona cerec dentistry cad cam system, it comes to 3 sizes available to choose from.

sirona mcxl dental diamond burs for sale online
cad cam sirona mcxl burs for lithium dislicate

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