Why Zirconia Crown Is Considered The Best?

Even though the zirconia crown is considered new to the dental industry, still it is one of the best choices for many dentists. The zirconia restoration acts as the technologically-advanced and metal-free crown for the patients. Till now, it has undergone a lot of improvement as it has undergone various changes in the shades, and it resembles a natural tooth.

The zirconia crown is mainly recommended for patients who have weak, cracked, or discolored teeth. The crowns are considered the tooth-shaped packs which will cover the tooth. So, here are things that you should know about the zirconia crown.

Why choose the zirconia crown?

The crown is like a temporary tooth that is used during the restoration treatment, and there are many materials that are used during dental procedures. Some of the common materials used for the crown are porcelain, metals, resins, ceramics, and others. Of all, the zirconia crown is growing in popularity, and it will maximize the success rate by minimizing the chair time.

Zirconia will combine the strength of the metal by giving a natural appearance to the tooth. The zirconium crown is made of relatively new materials called zirconium dioxide, and it comes under the category of ceramic crown, so it offers high durability.

zirconia cad cam crown material made
Zirconia crown restoration in dentistry


If you think why to consider the zirconia crown, then here are a few things to consider and also know why the zirconia is getting huge popularity.

One of the biggest benefits of using the zirconia crown over other crowns is its strength and durability. You need to know how much force your back tooth will exert while chewing the food. The zirconia crown is made of the strongest material, so it is considered the best option for the back of your tooth. The other best thing is that, as the tooth is so strong, the dentist doesn’t need to make any preparation for the tooth.

Many dentists choose zirconia crowns because of biocompatibility, and it is less likely to provoke the body into producing any reaction or immunological response like inflammation. When compared to the other dental materials, zirconia offers higher compatibility and is completely safe to use.

Even zirconia is considered the best choice for patients, who are sensitive to the metals, and in some people, the metals will cause allergic reactions too. Zirconia crown is known for offering higher biocompatibility with no adverse effects.

Zirconia is considered the highest strength material so it is less likely to get a chip, break down, or wear down. Other crowns come with a lifetime of 10 to 15 years, but on the other hand, the zirconia crown will come for a lifetime period. If the patients are looking for a long-term solution, then they can prefer a zirconia crown.

If you are choosing the zirconia crown for dental restoration, then the procedure can be done in a single visit. The zirconia supports the CAD/CAM system, so using the dental milling machine it is easy to use the crown from the block of zirconia. This will eliminate the number of visits done by the patients to the doctor.

cad cam dental zirconia blank product
CAD-CAM Blocks of zirconia

How much does it cost for a zirconia crown?

In general, the cost of the crown will range from $800 to $1500 but when it comes to the zirconia crown, it will cost more than ceramic, metal, and porcelain. The cost of the zirconia crown usually comes in between $1,000 and $2,000, and even depending on the location, the cost will differ.

Some patients try to take the insurance cover, but this zirconia crown won’t come under the insurance. Maybe in certain companies, it will cover a particular type of crown or only a certain part of the zirconia crown.

Even though the cost of the zirconia crown is high, still it comes with a lot of benefits over other crowns, and it is highly durable.

How famous the multilayer zirconia is?

When zirconia was introduced in the dental industry, three types of generations have been made. The first type is very opaque and strong, and it is mainly used for the framework and copings. Second, it was very translucent enough, so it is mainly used for the monolithic posterior restoration.

The third type of zirconia is made of 50% of cubic phase zirconia, and it is available in multilayered discs. The multilayer zirconia is composed of different layers of material that come with different mechanical and optical properties.

Multi-layer zirconia crown aesthetic effect

When compared to the single-layer zirconia, the multi-layer zirconia comes with higher strength, and it can be used in the restoration that comes in front of the mouth. Unlike the solid zirconia crowns, the multilayer zirconia crown is more translucent and opalescent, so it is widely used for making anterior crowns.

3D Pro dental zirconia feature
3D High strength multilayer zirconia feature

This doesn’t mean that it can’t be used for the posterior crowns; even it can be used for the posterior crowns if there is enough clearance. If you are looking for higher strength zirconia with enhanced aesthetics, then consider the zirconia crown.   

Know about the zirconia or porcelain crown:

Zirconia and porcelain will act as two different materials, and even though zirconia offers a lot of benefits still it is hard to match the teeth because of the opacity of the material. So, that is why the dentist will cover the porcelain material over the top of the zirconia crown.

If the patients choose the crown which is made of zirconium and comes with a layer of porcelain, then it will give a more natural appearance to the teeth. This type of crown can be easily matched with the other teeth.  

Bottom Line:

There are many variations of zirconia used in the dental industry, but the most favorite variation of a dentist is that zirconia and full-contour zirconia. These options are considered the alternatives for the full-metal blends, and porcelain-metal composites. Zirconia crown is one of the best materials used in the dental industry and the best thing is that it looks like a natural tooth.

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