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Wironium Cast Metal Partial Denture Frameworks is a proprietary nickel-free cobalt-chrome alloy developed by Bego USA, Inc. Wironium is similar in composition to many of the other brands of cobalt-chrome alloys that have been available to the dental profession for fabrication  for many years. Like other cobalt-chrome metals, Wironium is biocompatible and corrosion-resistant.

Small changes in the cobalt-chrome formulation of these metal frameworks have resulted in an alloy that has a high resistance to deformation while the cast alloy itself is semi-flexible and resists fracture of the metal clasps. These unique properties allow Wironium metal frameworks to be incredibly thin yet strong and durable.

We have all seen it happen. You attempt to seat a new partial denture but the clasps are not retentive. The patient says their partial is loose. So you tighten the clasps little by little wondering, “How many times can I get away with bending the clasps back and forth before something breaks?”

Wironium Clasps

The malleable clasps of these metal frameworks conform to the tooth contour. The properly designed clasps fit right at the time of delivery. Clasps that fit at the onset eliminate the need for excessive clasp modification at chairside. This reduces repeated adaptations, minimizes chair time, and reduces metal fatigue. When partial denture adjustments are required, it is possible for the dentist to bend the clasps at chairside without breaking the clasps. Try that with other alloys.

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